Lonely Lands

by Annegret Kunath

In her collection and first publication Lonely Lands, Annegret explores themes of vulnerability, uncertainty, and searching for belonging outside of family bounds, paired with the all-encompassing feeling that things are going to be okay. 


by Candelaria Beatriz

In journal manner I registered random and repeated glove sightings. I explore the idea of a glove as a spectral entity. Trying to evoke the mystery and the ghostly occurrence of finding an accessory that is in contact with the skin of someone that I don’t know, but I can imagine and feel their presence. 


by Daniel Jaghobi

In RedPrint, Jaghobi now calls viewers to a duo-chromatic world where architectural structures and shapes are rendered with a splash of yellow, orange or red. These structures, situated in different cities across Europe, are highlighted in an otherworldly fashion.

As the shadows fall,
a passer-by

by Gideon Horn

A series of mostly analog photographs taken in 3 different cities over 5 years.

Focusing on lines, shadows and the world they create around us.


by Futuro Berg Fredes

This is the story of a personal journey between the United States, Mexico and Guatemala driven by pure curiosity and the desire to explore. A story about people, the landscapes and the objects that I came across after 6 months of traveling, shot entirely on 35mm film.

The Miss-take

by Bo Magnus Andersson

Bo Magnus Andersson went on an excursion to the ocean close to Trelleborg, Sweden, with his old analog medium format and one roll of film. The 15 images are published on the order hi took them allowing us to join in on the walk together with him.