The Miss-take

by photographer Bo Magnus Anderssson

Bo Magnus Andersson went on an excursion to the ocean close to Trelleborg, Sweden, with his old analog medium format and one roll of film. The 15 images are published on the order hi took them allowing us to join in on the walk together with him.

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I made mistakes choosing the exposure when taking the photographs. I made mistakes when developing the film.

A mistake is often viewed as something negative, but it can also lead to results that are unexpected and positive.

Bo Magnus Andersson

This series of analog photographs is about exploring the possibilities to see past the initial negative impact of a mistake to try to create something beautiful, unique and human.

Here’s a few pages from The Miss-take:

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  • A5, 36p+cover, edition of 50
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
  • Hand-bound with black thread
  • Risograph printed by Beast Studio
  • Cover: Colorit nr 90, 225 gsm
  • Pages: Munken Pure, 150 gsm