by Daniel Jaghobi

Daniel Jaghobi (b. 1994) is a Malmö-based photographer known for his unusual and vibrant style. He explores subjects through the use of bold colors and odd perspectives, adding a playful touch to his compositions. Jaghobi’s practice as a photographer aims to provide a new outlook on otherwise overlooked spaces that the everyday person takes for granted. His previous works invited viewers to surgical rooms and playful interpretations of classical nude portraits.

In RedPrint, Jaghobi now calls viewers to a duo-chromatic world where architectural structures and shapes are rendered with a splash of yellow, orange or red. These structures, situated in different cities across Europe, are highlighted in an otherworldly fashion. The punchy color shifts are a result of an analog technique called “Redscale”, where the film is exposed from the wrong side. This causes only the red-sensitive layer of the film emulsion to be exposed, leaving the other color layers untouched. With this technique Jaghobi is able to removes the structures from their original context and instead emphasizing on the intricate man-made geometries present in the architectural landscape.

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  • Edition of 50
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • MultiDesign Original HPI White, FSC 300g cover
  • MultiDesign Original HPI White, FSC 200g inlay
  • Perfect bound
  • Sticker with title on cover